January 23, 2010

[LeeZu!] & LionSkins = Inanna --coming soon

Inanna - The Art of a Natural Skin
     a collaboration between Lionskins and LeeZu!

    Inanna is developed on an original handpainted skin base template from Lion Jonesford with LeeZu Baxter influences. Get away from the ordinary and wear a skin with character and 'natural' beauty.

    Inanna is a goddess of love, fertility, and war. She was the embodied, playful, passionately erotic, feminine, powerful, independent, self-willed, ambitious woman.  She was a fickle person who first attracted men and then rejected them. Strong, beautiful, real.... Inanna.

    Inanna Skins are made in a co-operation between two of Second Life's leading designers; LeeZu Baxter of [LeeZu!] Designs and Lion Jonesford of Lionskins.

They will be available in both stores: LionSkins & LeeZu!

...coming soon...