May 2, 2010

[LeeZu!] Daily Cash

We at [LeeZu!] greatly apreciate the support of our members over the years. That being said, we have decided to expand the [LeeZu!] Picks Contest.  We will give away 500 L$ cash PER DAY to random members of either the [LeeZu!] group or the Subscribe-o=Matic group who puts our store in their picks.  That is 7 chances every week that you have to win!

All you have to do is TP to the store, join either the group or the Subscribe-o-Matic and go to your picks tab in your profile. Click on "New" and we will automatically be added to your picks. Then, every day we will choose a 500 L$ cash winner randomly from those who have us in their picks.

Add us today! Tell all your friends! This will be an ongoing event, so get in on it and you could be the next winner!