September 18, 2010

[LeeZu!] Revolution Line Discontinued!

As many of you know, LeeZu's Revolution Line is extremely popular and has received accolades all over the grid.  Since this Line is now almost three years old, the time has come to discontinue it and make room for more exciting releases from the talented mind of our wonderful designer, LeeZu Baxter.

For ONE WEEK ONLY, all items in our Revolution Line will be available at greatly discounted prices.  All Revolution items are now marked down from 40% - 60 % off.   Remember, they will be available for just one week.  After that week, the line will be discontinued permanently.  Now is your chance to own a beautiful LeeZu! Original.

Please Note**  There are two exceptions,  Kiva Silver and Beautiful Ann,  which are charity gowns with half the proceeds going to Kiva, Sale ends on Friday, September 24th.