October 6, 2010

[LeeZu!] Makeover Madness Winner

Congratulations go out to Contessa Idlemind for her winning submission to the Makeover Madness Contest. Here's her story:

My prim boxes don't keep me warm at night and the glue on my duct taped nipples is about to wear out making me topless! Not only that but i went to the police to try and get myself imprisoned so i could have food, clothing, and shelter, but all they did was wrap me up in police crime scene tape so people would stay away from me since apparently i "look dangerous". All i could do was garbage dive into some dumpsters in the alley i sleep in finding these dirty socks and these leg bracers to help me get around on my lame legs. I also ran into luck the other day when i found some half used lip stick while garbage diving, i tried to apply it but i had no mirror and things got kind of messy from there, finally i just said "screw it" and ate the lipstick since i hadnt had breakfast yet. Just the thought of having a nice set of warm, clean, and stylish clothes makes my heart sing and fills me with energy. I don't want to be an outcast anymore. Please help me find my style!