May 13, 2011

[LeeZu!] Cloe Top & Bubble Glam Tights

 Feel the surrounding excitement as you appear wearing LeeZu's stunning Cloe top. This fully sculpted halter leaves the back and shoulders completely bare, while complimenting the underlined displayed cleavage with draping delight. Joined on the collar with hoops, the sleek top comes in a wide range of solid colours and detailed patterns allurring even the wind.

Reach the stars mix and matching with LeeZu's Bubble Glam tights. These low waisted leggings accentuate your silhouette as the top edge enticingly hugs the hips. Sprinkled with bubbles on the upper and lower parts of the front, the tights combine detailed design with appealing plain fabrics. Feed your hunger for fashion with the selection of the tights available in 9 tones.