October 14, 2011

[LeeZu!] Sissy Outfit

Have you ever come across a new clothing design that gave you butterflies in your tummy because you wanted it so much?  The latest by designing extraordinaire LeeZu Baxter does just that.  She shares with us all the fruits of her labor that resulted from an inspirational moment during a trip to Vienna in the form of a skirt, a  delicious cardigan and  her always unique take on tights.

The cardigan is cozy and has a classical feel as it plays on curves. The swooping neckline is emphasize by the high under collar and shoulders, that teasing show off the cuffs of the stately undershirt. Stopping just about the navel this jacket could add spice to any wardrobe and is offered in olive, forest, cream, brown, blue, and black.

Finally we are presented with the "Sissy Linen Skirt."  This short and eloquently designs skirt has a playful aire about it.  A double ruffle covers the side, emphasizing the thigh. This jewel of a design is offered in  black, gold, graybrown, and pink.

LeeZu has a reputation for creating distinct and unique styles of tights, and she doesn't disappoint with The "Sissy Tights".  Giving the impression of lingerie over decorative flowery styled stockings, this fashion forward design is available to you in black, goblin, green, olive, pink, turquoise, and yellow.