October 28, 2012

[LeeZu!] Blogger of the Month Contest

Here at LeeZu we appreciate all the love we get from bloggers promoting our designs and we thought it was time to return that love in a big way.

Do you have a blog in SL? If so, that's all you need to enter this contest. We're asking bloggers to put together an outfit using ONLY LeeZu clothing and post it on your own blog. When you've done that, send a notecard to Barbara Nicholls with the direct url to your post. Enter as often as you like. Each individual blogpost qualifies.

A panel of judges will review all entries. We are looking for the most creative styles that showcase the ease involved in mixing and matching LeeZu's designs.

This contest will run monthly with a new winner every month. Winning bloggers will be chosen at the end of each month. Entries for each month must be received by the 25th of the prior month.
The winning blogger will have her/his blog featured in LeeZu's main store and will be LeeZu's Blogger of the Month and will also receive a Fatpack of their choice from LeeZu's many designs.
Up to three (3) [LeeZu!] items worn in the winning blog will be available at a discount in the lobby thanks to the winning blogger.