June 26, 2013

[LeeZu!] Laguna Gown

[LeeZu!] announces the release of her latest creation compatible with and viewed best with the official Linden Labs Material Viewer.

The goddess incarnate...she enters the room and all stare at her statuesque form and daring gown. All eyes upon her as she glides across the room...

The Laguna gown's hourglass form hugs all the curves of a woman's body and highlights all of her best attributes.  The scooped neck dips gently over her breasts molding to her body as cut outs in the bodice reveal the beauty of her lithe figure.   The open back daringly showcases the small of the back just above the derrière as folds of fabric add volume and focus to all the right places. The gown narrows to a mermaid flair which emphasizes each dramatic step as she crosses the room to her waiting lover.

In six rich colors to choose from, you too can unleash your inner goddess!