December 22, 2019

[LeeZu!] Cala Dress (mesh,rigged,materials)

Please try the Demo before purchasing.

➤100% Original Mesh
➤5 sizes

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September 27, 2014

[LeeZu!] Constance Top (mesh,rigged,materials)

Please try the Demo before purchasing.

➤100% Original Mesh
➤5 sizes

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September 16, 2014

[LeeZu!] Dan Desk

[LeeZu!] Celebrates the re-opening of her highly acclaimed furniture store with a designer, low prim, texture change 'Dan Desk'. Clean lines, seductive lighting and a beautiful sunken flower vase all steeped in traditional Japanese influences that have been elegantly mixed with timeless simplicity, adding a refinement of details for a modern eye, making a perfect addition to your executive office suite or plush modern home.

August 26, 2014

[LeeZu!] Aurora Gown

[LeeZu!] epitomises iconic regal elegance with her NEW Aurora Gown. A tantalizing tribute to the Goddess of dawn in true sirenesque style. Embossed luxury silks plunge deep into waves of exquisite lace, revealing fathoms of cleavage that would bring a sparking solar storm to any glamorous cocktail party. Adorned with intricate crystal embellishments, sophisticated chiffon ruffles and available in 4 titillating shades designed to tease.

July 8, 2014

[LeeZu!] Milo Boots

Hybridise your raver, rivet head look with the NEW Milo Boots from [LeeZu!]. A fusion of London, New York Cybergoth style for your 'Dark Future' feet. With androgynous, monochromatic roughed up leather, industrial aesthetics, bright colour change laces and heavy platform soles, get ready for a night of electronic dance mayhem. Re-size mesh and material viewer enabled.

June 17, 2014

LeeZu! @ Fashion For Life Exclusive

We at LeeZu! are proud do be champion sponsors for this years Fashion For Life event supporting Second Life’s Relay For Life campaign to raise funds for the American Cancer Society.  It will run from June 7th through June 20th. It opens at 6 a.m. on the 7th and will close midnight on the 20th. Up to today this event has already raised over 10.000 USD!!  If you want to check out our two exclusive items and do some shopping, click the link to our store at the FFL Parade Sim:

March 2, 2014

LeeZu! @ The Arcade

Sophia Mesh Sideboard. Two rare and eight common. 50 Linden each play.
Happy Gaming!

January 11, 2014

[LeeZu!] Candy Pop Boots

''These boots are made for walking'' so step into a Retro revolution, with the NEW CANDYPOP BOOTS from [LeeZu!]. Sexy distressed leather chic, playful platform wedge heels and contrasting, asymmetric stripes create a flamboyant, off beat look, just dripping in Disco Diva. Non rigged mesh, material viewer ready. Available in 10 popping shades that no iconic fashion legend would be without.

December 28, 2013

[LeeZu!] Saphire Gown

Fusing, delicious heirloom elegance of by-gone Belles and a tingling touch of shabby chic the NEW [LeeZu!] Saphire Gown, with criss-cross pleated bodice, nipped in waistline and an array of beautiful Victorian bustles is pure vintage magic. A mastery of millinery, devilishly decorated with windswept tendrils, perfectly tops off a mouthwatering crinoline confectionery. Rigged mesh, material viewer ready and available in 9 sassy shades.

December 1, 2013

LeeZu! Billboard Poster @ The Arcade

For The Arcade december round from LeeZu!

Havasu Falls Ankle Boots

The new Havasu Falls Ankle Boots from LeeZu! (former Shoetopia exclusive release) are available in the store now in 15 colors. Non rigged mesh and resizable.

October 7, 2013

[LeeZu!] Metropolis Dress

Sinfully seductive, the NEW Metropolis Dress from [LeeZu!] has swathes of satin, lavish lace panelling, a devilishly deep neck line and hip hugging layers of luxurious leather, epitomizing modern city glamour with a sexy sizzle of sci-fi drama stitched on top. In rigged mesh and material viewer ready, this hot, head-turning design makes a perfect addition to every wardrobe.

September 23, 2013

[LeeZu!] Single Room Skybox (mesh)

Conjuring images of lazy autumn days and tender starlit nights, tucked away in a hilltop retreat, surrounded by panoramic views of the romantic Tuscan landscape, the NEW [LeeZu!] Single Room Skybox makes a perfect home for those with a Mediterranean dream. Enhanced by soft muted colours and a delicate watery fresque, seductively mixing modern and traditional styles for a unique living experience.

September 8, 2013

[LeeZu!] Yukatan Pants (mesh,rigged,material ready)

Free falling never felt so good as with the NEW Yukatan Pants from [LeeZu!]. This is high stakes, high-octane, high fashion at its best. Dangerously designed for the sexiest of skydivers, base jumpers and tactical clothing gurus, these highly detailed, versatile pursuit pants will leave you gasping for breath. Rigged mesh, material viewer ready and available in beige, black, blue and olive.

September 2, 2013

[LeeZu!] @ The Arcade

We are happy to join The Arcade event again with out Pearl mesh Curtains. 

Only 25L for each play. Happy collecting!

[LeeZu!] Deklannche Top

Unleash your inner Norse Goddess in Deklannche, the latest creation from the genius of [LeeZu!] Inspired by the beautiful confines of bondage, the corseted skeleton hugs your chest while the teardrop gemstones dangle across your breasts. This unique piece adds a fierce confidence to any style.

The mesh top is available in three basic colors and includes a HUD with a resize and texture menu. Choose from 9 different snake-skin and jewel colors.

August 23, 2013

July 17, 2013

[LeeZu!] Rio Monikini

Enjoy the hot summer rays in the new RIO Monokini!  The latest jaw-dropping release from [LeeZu!] is a super sexy bathing beauty that wows with realistic textures and its form fitting rigged mesh. Take a dip the sparkling waters of RIO!

June 26, 2013

[LeeZu!] Laguna Gown

[LeeZu!] announces the release of her latest creation compatible with and viewed best with the official Linden Labs Material Viewer.

The goddess incarnate...she enters the room and all stare at her statuesque form and daring gown. All eyes upon her as she glides across the room...

The Laguna gown's hourglass form hugs all the curves of a woman's body and highlights all of her best attributes.  The scooped neck dips gently over her breasts molding to her body as cut outs in the bodice reveal the beauty of her lithe figure.   The open back daringly showcases the small of the back just above the derrière as folds of fabric add volume and focus to all the right places. The gown narrows to a mermaid flair which emphasizes each dramatic step as she crosses the room to her waiting lover.

In six rich colors to choose from, you too can unleash your inner goddess!

June 24, 2013

LeeZu! @ SL10B Celebrations!

Second Life is celebrating 10 years! and we are lucky to be choosen as one of the exhibitor!

Together with GM Nikolaidis we build this romantic "Creeper" scenery ;)

Visit us here: TP

June 16, 2013

[LeeZu!] Helena High Heel Pants

Enveloped in ancient mythical magic, styled with sumptuous embossed fabric and elevated on extravagant heels, the NEW, [LeeZu!] Helena High Heel Pants are irresistible for their Apollonian beauty and ability to bring out the Goddess within. Daughter of Zeus, paladin, idol or diva, no wardrobe is complete without the thigh flattering seduction and ethereal elegance of this captivating design. Available in 7 sensual shades, suiting every season.

June 2, 2013

[LeeZu!] @ The Arcade

We filled our mashines with this lovely handreading chair sculptures. Come and play!

May 25, 2013

LeeZu! @ Home & Garden Expo

Come visit the 6th Annual Home & Garden Expo in support of Relay For Life of Second Life, a fundraising campaign for the American Cancer Society.  This year’s Expo will open on May 24th at NOON SLT, and will close on June 2nd at 9pm SLT . This year’s extravaganza will span NINE sims, and the Breedables Fair, spread over two sims, will return to join the Expo!

May 19, 2013

[LeeZu!] Tatum Gown (mesh,rigged,flexi)

Radiant and relaxed, reluctant yet raunchy, the NEW [LeeZu!] Tatum Gown, steps out in theatrical elegance, echoing an era of daring débutantes embarking on their first social season. Exquisite off the shoulder brocade finesse, embellished with endless layers of deliciously soft and sparking feather-like chiffon, flutter and fall in timeless decadence. Making this a dress that dreams are made of. 

May 15, 2013

[LeeZu!] Raphael Hoody for The Liaison Collaborative

Get wrapped up in this cheeky little 'Raphael Hoody' rigged Mesh jumpsuit creatively designed by [LeeZu!] for The Liaison Collaborative Event. Just like the great painter's work this garment has clarity of form and ease of composition that seductively enhances your mischievously modern or racy Renaissance figure. Available in Grass, Mint and Plum this is a must have addition to every spring wardrobe.

April 16, 2013

LeeZu! @ L'accessoires

LeeZu! @ The Liaison Collaborative

[LeeZu!] Glitter Tights

A simple mini skirt will rock every party accompanied by the right legs. Or [LeeZu!] Glitter tights. A burst of gold or silver radiating from the knees forms into sequined chains on the sheer canvas of this nylon art, designed on system layer. Pull the final sparkling strokes up the back of the legs and double the beat waves with a sprinkle of glamour.  

April 4, 2013

[LeeZu!] Piazza Navona Ankle Boots (mesh-non rigged)

An epoch of Baroque Roman architecture, twisted theatrically into 21st century cutting edge fashion is epitomized by the NEW [LeeZu!] Piazza Navona Ankle Boots. Combining Gladiator grandeur and historical romance, conjuring dreams of spiked studded armor and draped suede tunics. All gathered together with cheeky leather ankle tassels, this fun footwear gives a dramatic finish to any outfit. Available in 13 opulent shades of the season.

March 17, 2013

[LeeZu!] Mon Petite Robe Barock

The secret [LeeZu!] curtains fall again and a timeless redhead beauty enters the stage blending into contemporary design of a previously released sassy little tunic. The short-sleeved Mon Petite Robe lives again in 7 fresh colors, enchantingly framing your sides with origami ruffles. Don't forget the softly unveiling shoulders romantic neckline finishing this candy chic show.

March 10, 2013

[LeeZu!] Pia Leather Skirt

 Feeling professional or provocative? The new [LeeZu!] Pia Leather Skirt in rigged mesh with a daredevil drop down zip, sleek, authoritative, figure hugging fabric and sexy fluted hem line makes it perfect for a day of boardroom business or a night of feisty Fashionista adventures. Available in ten tantalizing shades designed with your mood in mind.

[LeeZu!] @ Fashion For Life


With a fresh New Year started, so begins the 2013 Relay For Life season.  Over the years, the Fashion community of Second Life has worked diligently to raise funds for the American Cancer Society and this year, with your help, we plan to take the world by storm.

March 3, 2013

LeeZu! @ The Arcade

Want to play?

Our entry for The Arcade event: the Greta Mesh Curtains.

 50 L each play!